Happy New Year!

Starting off the new year with something practical,there is nothing more pleasing for me than the simple granny square, it never fails to please and in some bright happy colours it will always bring a smile.Our hot water bottle is made in Stylecraft Yarns Batik this is a scrummy yarn with 20% wool added which not only makes this yarn warm but very practical and its machine washable, it has a slight variant in each shade giving a semi solid variegated finish and it’s super soft when crocheted.We used Stylecraft Yarns Batik https://www.stylecraft-yarns.co.uk/ in shades cream 1900, gold 1902, cherry 1904, heather 1906, Pistachio 1910, violet 1912, and storm 1913, we joined our squares using a continuous join and finished our bottle with a cute “polo neck” style top, this is made using our own pattern and will be available soon.


Baby Shower Gift Bags Have Arrived!

A new addition to our bags is our baby Shower Gift bag in 100% pure cotton. Made from the fabulous Lewis and Irene fabric range “Welcome To The World” fully lined and ideal to add gifts for baby or pampering treats for a New Mum and the bag makes great storage afterwards. Available in two designs and 2 different linings, now listed in our Etsy Shop.


Merry Christmas! Star Coaster ⭐️

. ©Copyright SewHappyCreative

Material: 4ply cotton dk

Yarn Brand: We’ve used Scheepjes Catona from https://www.lusciouslyloopy.co.uk/

Crochet hook: 3.5mm

Used Stitches:

UK English. US

ch = chain chain

ss= slip stitch slip stitch

dc = double crochet single crochet

tr = treble double crochet

sp = space space

Foundation Round Using any colour make a magic loop or chain5, and ss to join into a ring.

Round 1 Into the magic loop or ring ch3 (counts as tr), 11tr into the ring, ss to join into beg ch-3, fasten off. (12tr)

Round 2 Attach a new colour in between any tr of round 1, ch4 (counts as tr, ch1), 1tr, in same space, 1tr, ch1, 1tr, in between each tr around, ss to join into 3rd ch of beg ch-3, fasten off.(24 tr)

Round 3.Attach a new colour in,any ch-1sp of round 2, ch5 (counts as tr,ch2 ), 1tr in same space, 1tr, ch2, 1tr in each ch-1sp around, ss to join into 3rd ch of beg ch-5, fasten off.(12 x 1tr, ch-2 1tr groups)

Round 4. Attach a new colour in, any ch-2sp of round 3, ch3, ( counts as tr ), 8tr in same ch-2sp, dc in next ch-2 sp, * 9tr in next ch-2 sp, dc in next ch-2 sp, * repeat from * to * around, ss to join into beg ch-3, fasten off. (6dc, 9tr groups)

Round 5. Attach a new colour yarn in the first tr of any 9tr group of round 4, ch1( counts as dc), 1dc in each of next 3tr’s, dc, ch2, dc in next tr (this is the 5th tr of each and every 9tr group ), 1dc in next 4tr’s, dc spike stitch into the dc of round 4 by working below the space and out of the ch-2sp of round 3 (see special stitch below ),*1dc in next 4tr’s, dc, ch2, dc, in next tr,1dc in next 4tr’s , dc spike stitch into dc* repeat from * to * around, ss to join into beg ch-1, fasten off and weave in your ends.

Special Stitch – Spike Stitch.This is a long dc worked below the previous round you are working on.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays hope you enjoy our star Coaster Pattern and have a wonderful Christmas best wishes Fiona & Suzy SewHappyCreative X


. ©Copyright SewHappyCreative

Sweet Little Star ⭐️

SewHappyCreative Christmas Sweet Little Star: a little Christmas star perfect to string together as a garland with a pretty crochet chain or simply add a ribbon and use to decorate your tree or Christmas gifts, make it in aran for a coaster size star ⭐️.

 The pattern is written in U.K. terms. If you have any questions please contact us directly on sewhappycreative@hotmail.com . ©Copyright SewHappyCreative 2017

Material: 4ply cotton dk or aran

Yarn Brand: We’ve used Scheepjes Catona

Crochet hook: 3.5mm

Scissors & Wool Needle

Used Stitches:

UK English.

ch = chain

ss= slip stitch

dc = double crochet

tr = treble

sp = space

skst = skip stitch

dtr= double treble

Foundation round. Make a magic loop or chain 5, ss to join into a ring.

Round 1. Into the magic loop or ring ch3 (counts as tr), 1tr, ch2, ( 2tr, ch2) 5 times, ss to join into beg ch-3,fasten off.( 6 2tr groups, 6 ch-2sp)

Round 2. Attach a new colour in any ch-2 sp of round1, ch3 (counts as tr), 1tr, ch2, 2tr in same ch-2sp ,ch- 1,* 2tr, ch2, 2tr in next sp, ch1, repeat from * to * around, ss to join into beg ch-3, fasten off.

Round 3. Attach a new colour in any ch-1 sp of round 2, ch1 (counts as first dc), 3tr, 1dtr, ch2,1dtr, 3tr into next ch-2sp, *dc in ch-1sp, 3tr, 1dtr, ch2,1dtr, 3tr into ch-2sp, repeat from * to * around, ss to join into beg ch-1, fasten off, weave in your ends.

Christmas Crochet Kits 

Following closely behind our first kit the mustard medley cushion, comes the 12 days of Christmas kit this is a collaboration between SewHappyCreative and Lusciously Loopy https://www.lusciouslyloopy.co.uk/ It’s a Christmas kit with a mini crochet along, a beautiful project to capture the magic of Christmas. The pattern will be released in sections over 12 days as a PDF sent via email  finishing on Christmas Eve with a surprise gift for the big day 🎄🎁 

These kits are ready to pre order now at Lusciously Loopy https://www.lusciouslyloopy.co.uk/and would make a lovely gift for a crocheter or simply as treat to yourself  🎁🎄❤️

Granny Square Day 2017 ~ what to do with all those left over granny squares !

If you made squares for Granny Square Day yesterday August 15th 2017 like we did, follow our free table runner pattern found here on our blog and turn them into something colourful and fun. We turned ours into a mat. We made 4 mini Granny Squares and joined them using a continuous join as you go, then we added a round of pale pink and in the same way we made our Granny Square table runner we added rounds of treble groups alternating with rounds of double crochet, 3 chain . You can make this using as many Granny Square as you like. A quick block and your mat is ready to swoon over. Have lots of crochet fun and don’t forget to tag us in on your makes with the hashtag #sewhappycreative .

Granny Squares Table Runner 

Everybody loves a granny square, so here’s a fun free pattern to add some colour to your table!

Material: dk cotton 

Yarn Brand: We’ve used  Stylecraft Classique Cotton 2 balls of main colour ivory and one each of your chosen 3 colours .Ours came from Lusciously Loopy http://www.lusciouslyloopy.co.uk/store/p182/Stylecraft_Classique_cotton_50_gm_balls.html

Crochet hook: 4mm

Wool Needle
Used Stitches:

UK English                                               

ch = chain chain

slst = slip stitch slip stich

dc = double crochet single crochet

tr = treble double crochet

sp= space space

skst = skip stich skip stich

1.Make as many granny squares as you like to fit your table, we made 6 with 3 rounds in each.

2.Join your granny squares into a long strip using your main colour,we joined using the continuous join as you go.There is an excellent tutorial over at The Patchwork Heart for this http://www.thepatchworkheart.co.uk/2015/05/joining-squares-method-3-continuous.html

3. Then using our main colour ivory we worked 2 further rounds, working 3tr in every space and (3 tr ch2 3tr ) into each corner space.Fasten off.

4.Attach a new colour yarn into any ch-2 corner space,ch4 (counts as first dc plus 3ch) ,dc into same space,*ch3,skip 3 stitches,dc into next sp between treble groups.*repeat from *to * ,to next corner sp,(1dc ch3,1dc) into corner space, continue in this way around,slst into first ch of beg ch-1,to join.

5.Attach main colour ivory into any corner space,ch3,( counts as first treble ) 2 tr,ch2 3tr,into corner sp,*3tr into each ch-3 loop space,*repeat from *to*,to next corner sp ,(3tr,ch2, 3tr) into corner space,continue in this way around,slst into beg ch-3.to join,fasten off.

6.Repeat Step 4.

7.Repeat. Step 5.

8. Repeat Step 4.

9. Repeat Step 5.

The border is worked into the backs of the loops .

To complete work 3 rows of dc,working into the backs of the loops only on each round and sl st to join each round.

Fasten off and weave in ends.

This gives a lovely simple decorative border and helps weight the edge of your runner .

You may like to block it.

Don’t forget to tag us in on your makes using the #sewhappycreative