Granny Square Festival Bag :Part 1

Everybody loves a granny square, so here’s a fun free bag pattern

Material: dk cotton

Yarn Brand: We’ve used  Stylecraft Classique Cotton in dove grey, shell pink, denim busy lizzy and natural for our photos 🌸

Crochet hook: 4mm and 3.5mm

Wool Needle
Used Stitches:

UK English

ch = chain chain

ss = slip stitch slip stich

dc = double crochet single crochet

tr = treble double crochet

sp= space space

skst = skip stich skip stich

1. Using a 4mm hook make 2 granny squares with 12 rounds in each (our granny squares have ch-1sp’s for the corners and we don’t chain between our trebles), one for the front and one for the back of your bag, you can add fewer or more rounds to adjust the size of your bag.Our square measured approx 9″.

2. Finish each square with a round of dc working one dc into each treble stitch and 3 dc in each corner, the dc round needs to be the same colour as you joining colour for your bag.

3. For the strap and using a 3.5mm hook make 30 small granny squares.You can adjust the length of your strap by adding more or less squares but make an even number of squares. Our bag has 30 granny squares and we joined ours using a continuous join as you go or you can stitch them together. Taking care not to twist, join your strap into a circle, we continued with our continuous join or you could ss it together. There is an excellent continuous join as you tutorial over at The Patchwork Heart

4. Using the same colour yarn you have chosen to join your granny squares work a single round of dc around your strap by working 1 dc into each tr stitch and skipping the ch-1 of the corners, one work 1 dc into the top of the joining seam for each square. (each square should have 7 dc in and you will work a second round of dc on the strap later as you assemble the bag)

5. To begin joining, fold your strap in half lengthwise, place a stitch marker to mark the centre of your strap (this stitch marker will be at the base of your bag) Find the centre of the side of your granny square that will become the base of your bag and place a stitch marker here too. Both your stitch markers should match together .You may like to pin your strap in place. See the photo “A”below it will help you check you have positioned your strap correctly.

6. Our bag is joined together using dc though both loops, photo “B”. Attach your joining shade of yarn with right side of your bag facing in the top left hand corner of your square ( this is as you square faces you with the strap at the top, our bag is turned in the photo below ). Dc through both loops of your square and strap, move the pins as you go to making sure your strap is evenly joined. Continue joining down that side, across the base and up the opposite side, of your bag, ( photo “C”3 sides are now joined),ss to the corner of your granny square, photo D do not fasten off yarn.

7. Work dc in each dc across the top of your granny square bag, when you reach the opposite corner where you started to join your bag, photo E) ss, it to the strap, then continue around the strap working a dc in every stitch of your strap until you are back at the top of your bag (on the opposite side to where you finished joining your 3 sides), ss, into the corner (photo F) and fasten off your yarn. I’ve included some photos to help you. Complete the opposite side of your bag in exactly the same way. ( Our photo guide shows the second side but it’s joined in exactly the same way for the front )

8. We are going to line our bag and we will add some details and photos of our lining in part 2 of our bag tutorial. In the meantime happy crocheting. 🌸💕

You are welcome to sell your finished creations in small quantities made from this pattern,we kindly ask that you credit us as the designer and link to our Etsy shop if you choose to sell online.

You may not copy, share, reproduce or sell the pattern itself or use any of our photos. ©Copyright SewHappyCreative 2018


Suzy Mandala Pattern Offer

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Puffin Project Bags!

How gorgeous is this fabulous new fabric from Lewis & Irene it’s called Spindrift and we are totally smitten with it, we have 2 designs to choose from the range that we have handmade into these gorgeous knitting and crochet project bags. The Puffin pairs on a grey background and the puffins sitting on the rocks on a turquoise background, both bags are fully lined with the multi coloured matching dolphin print. They make great bags to transport your holiday projects about, or if like us you can’t wait until then, fabulous everyday bags.

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Suzy Mandala Pattern

Our pattern was designed to celebrate Suzy’s birthday in February. It has a pretty “popcorn” petal floral centre made using aran cotton to create a large size Mandala ideal to use as a pretty centre piece for a table. Now listed in our Etsy Shop as a handy PDF pattern

Make it in Easter shades, we have used Scheepjes Cahlista Bridal White 105, Cyrstalline 385, Lilac Mist 399, Marshmallow 518 and Saffron 249 for our Easter 🐣 mandala.

Mustard Medley Cushion!

The Mustard Medley Cushion is a collaboration between Lynn at Lusciously Loopy Yarn and ourselves, it can be purchased as a kit here There are five shades to pick from, including the one photographed above or why not select your own. The latest colour choice is this lovely pink version which reminds us very much of Neapolitan ice cream or Marshmallows dipped in chocolate! This is our work in progress at the moment, perfect for spring and would look very pretty on a garden chair for when the sunny weather arrives.

Snowball Cowl Pattern

There’s nothing like a snowfall to get something snug on your hook! Here’s our super quick to make snowball cowl it’s a simple V stitch and trimmed with some popcorn stitch snowballs to keep you snuggled up!

This pattern is written in U.K. terms

Used Stitches:

UK English.

ch = chain

ss = slip stitch

dc = double crochet

tr = treble

sp = space

skst = skip stitch

beg = beginning.

Popcorn stitch: 5tr in same stitch, drop the loop from your hook and insert hook front to back into the first tr of your group by passing it under both loops, pass your hook through the dropped loop, and pull the dropped loop though the first tr loops on your hook.

Material: Aran in 3 colours, we used Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran for our photos.

Crochet hook: 5mm hook

Scissors & Wool Needle

Tension not important for this project

Round 1 Using your first colour,ch 76, ss to join into a circle taking care not to twist as you do.

Round 2 Dc in each stitch around, ss to join. 76sts

Round 3 Ch3, (counts as tr), 4tr in same space, drop the loop from your hook and insert hook front to back into the first tr (beg ch-3) of your group by passing it under both loops, pass your hook through the dropped loop, and pull the dropped loop though the first tr loop on your hook, ch1, skst, *popcorn stitch, ch1, skst, * repeat from * to * around ss to join into beg ch-3.join in you next shade here, we like to join in our new colour by pulling the new shade through the remaining loops on our final yarn over to complete the last stitch.( fasten off your first shade you won’t need this again until the edging) 76 sts (38 popcorn snowballs)

Round 4 Ch3, (does not count as tr), skst (that’s your first popcorn stitch), 2tr in next ch-1 sp, skst, *2tr in each ch-1sp, skst *’rep from * to *around, ss to join into beg ch-3, join in your next colour, completing the ss using your next shade, no need to fasten off you can keep the yarn to the back of your cowl. 74sts

Round 5 Ch3, (does not count as tr), 2 tr in every sp between 2tr’s of round 4, ( your V stitches will sit on top of each other) ss to join into beg ch-3, complete the ss using the shade you used in round 4.

Repeat round 5 alternating rows with your chosen shades until you reach the desired width for your cowl we completed 18 rows.

Trim your cowl with some popcorn snowballs!

Ch1, (counts as dc ), work another dc into the top of the ch-1, this will give you a stitch count of 76 sts to match round 1, dc into the top of every tr around ss to join into beg ch-1. 76 dc.

Repeat round 3 of popcorns and then work one round of dc to complete your cowl, fasten off and weave in your ends.

Stay warm and enjoy wearing your cowl.

You are welcome to make and sell in small quantities items made from this pattern,we kindly ask that you credit us as the designer and link to our Etsy Shop if you choose to sell online. You may not reproduce or sell the pattern itself.

. ©Copyright SewHappyCreative 2018

If you fancy making some mittens our granny square mitten pattern is now listed in our Etsy Shop

Granny Square Wrist Warmer Pattern

Our Granny square wrist warmer pattern is now available to purchase in our Etsy Shop with a photo tutorial in a handy PDF format! This lovely pattern has been popular around the world, based on a traditional Granny square our mittens use just 4 squares and its a great way for using up small amounts of yarn from your stash! We hope you enjoy our pattern as much as we enjoyed creating it.