Granny Flower Motif

This sweet little granny flower is a variation on a traditional granny square and is simple to make and creates a striking granny square motif for using as blanket or project like our Flower Festival Bag pattern, which is available in our Etsy shop Our Etsy shop also has 10% off everything until Monday 26th August 2019 and includes all our yarn and patterns

There are many variations on this motif as there are the traditional granny square motif, here’s how we make ours ~

Treble Cluster Stitch (trcl) You will need to be familiar with this stitch for the pattern. (In our flower festival bag pattern this has detailed instructions for this stitch ) The “petals” of the flower motif on Round 2 are made using a treble cluster stitch, this is where a group of trebles (Us dc) are joined together for either a decrease or as in this pattern to make an attractive stitch with added texture.It’s where you don’t complete each stitch so in the 5trcl stitch, you would make 5 incomplete trebles and then pull the yarn through all 5 stitches (note you will have 6 loops on your hook for a 5trcl but only 5 loops for the 4trcl that’s used at the beginning of your round) .Use the photos below as a guide. Work all instructions in brackets in the same space or stitch throughout.

Granny Flower Motif Pattern ©Copyright SewHappyCreative 2019

Used Stitches:

UK English.

ch = chain

ss= slip stitch

tr = treble ( US double crochet)

sp = space

sk = skip skip

dc = double crochet (US single crochet.)

beg = beginning.

RS = right side

yoh = yarn over hook yarn over hook

4trcl = 4 treble cluster. ( US 4 double crochet cluster)

5trcl = 5 treble cluster. (US 5 double crochet cluster)

Round 1 (RS) Into the magic loop or ring ch5 (counts as tr, ch2 ), (1tr, ch2,) 7times, ss, to join into 3rd chain of beg ch-3, fasten off. ( 8tr, 8x ch-2sp)

Round 2 Attach a new colour in any ch-2sp, of round 1, ch3 (counts as tr), 4trcl in same sp, ch3, *5trcl in next sp, ch3,* repeat from * to * around, ss to join into beg ch-3, fasten off. (8 petals) * note the photo shows a 4trcl stitch for a 5trcl stitch you will have 6 loops on your hook *

Round 3 Working out of each ch-3sp of round 2, attach a new colour any ch-3sp, of round 2, ch3 (counts as tr), 2tr, ch1, 3tr, in same sp, 3tr, in next sp ,* (3tr, ch1, 3tr), in next sp, 3tr, in next sp,* repeat from * to * around, ss to join into beg ch-3, fasten off. You may like to work ch-2 in your corner spaces, and work as made rounds as you would when making a traditional granny square until you have the desired size for your motif.

This pattern remains the property of SewHappyCreative, you may not copy, share, reproduce or sell the pattern itself.

You are welcome to sell your finished creations in small quantities made from this pattern, but we kindly ask that you credit us and that you link to our Etsy Shop if selling online. ©Copyright SewHappyCreative 2019


Flower Festival Bag Pattern

Our granny square bag is inspired by the crochet of the 70’s it has a festival vibe and is quick to make and the flowers within the motif are perfect to use up small amounts of aran cotton yarn from your stash. It will make a fab gift for a friend or a treat for yourself, it ‘s easy to add your own mark to your bag by adding wooden handles, lining of your choice or simply using changing the motif. However you decide to make your bag you won’t want to stop at just making one! It’s also great for filling with yarn 😉🧶😍The pattern is now listed in our Etsy shop

Sunflower inspired Granny Square Motif

There is nothing quite like brightness of a sunflower, it is almost as if their bright yellow heads are smiling.I remember my Gran growing them in her garden. They were so tall they towered above her fence. One year her local newspaper came to photograph them, after she grew the tallest sunflowers in her town, she was so pleased. My sunflower granny square motif looks fab in the shades of a sunflower but would look equally beautiful in any colour you choose. Here’s how I made my sunflower motif but I’ve also written a 6 page detailed pdf pattern with a full photo tutorial just like our other patterns, it includes instructions on working the cluster stitches and all the shades that I used, that pattern is available to purchase in my Etsy shop if you prefer.

Just a note about how to use my pattern .You are welcome to sell your finished creations made from my pattern, you may not copy, share, reproduce in any way including video tutorials or sell the pattern itself and we kindly ask that you link to our Etsy shop if selling online ©Copyright SewHappyCreative 2019

Let’s get started you will need to be familiar with the following stitches. Please note this pattern is written in UK terms.

Used Stitches:

UK English. US abbreviations below in brackets.

ch = chain

ss = slip stitch

dc = double crochet (US single crochet)

tr = treble (US double crochet)

dtr = double treble crochet (US treble crochet)

sp = space space

sk st. = skip skip

beg = beginning. beginning

2trcl = 2 treble cluster ( US 2 double crochet cluster) (use this to start Round 2)

3trcl = 3 treble cluster. (US 3 double crochet cluster)

4dtrcl = 4 double treble cluster. (US 4 double crochet cluster) (use this to start Round 3)

5dtrcl = 5 double treble cluster. ( US 5 double crochet cluster)

Pattern notes: My granny square motif is made of 5 rounds, Round 2 & 3 use cluster stitches, this is where several stitches are grouped together (worked in the same space or stitch) by not completing the final part of the stitch and leaving the loops on the hook, before pulling the hook through all the loops of the incomplete stitches at the end, and forming the cluster stitch. It’s much the same as a decrease is done .I used Stylecraft classique cotton dk, but any double knitting yarn will do, our square using a 4mm hook measured 13cm square.

Foundation Round Using brown make a magic loop or ch5, ss to join into a ring.

Rounds 1 Into the magic loop or ring ch3 (counts as tr), 11tr into the ring, ss to join to beg ch-3, fasten off brown (12tr).

Round 2 Using beige, ch3 (counts as tr) ( 2trcl, ch2, 3trcl, ch2 sk 2tr) in between first treble sp, and then work (3 trcl, ch2, 3trcl, ch2, sk 2tr) around ss to join into beg ch-3.


Round 3 Using yellow attach yarn in any ch-2sp of round 2, ch4 (counts as dtr) 4dtrcl, ch3, (5dtrcl, ch3) in every ch-2sp around ss to join into first stitch after your beg ch-3.

Round 4 Using green attach yarn in any ch-3sp of round 3, ch4 (counts as dtr) 2dtr, ch2, 3dtr in same sp, 3tr in next 2sp’s *(3dtr, ch2, 3dtr) for the corner, 3tr in next 2 sp’s* repeat from * to * around, ss to join into beg ch-4.

Round 5 Using cream, attach yarn in any ch-2 corner sp, ch3 (counts as tr), 2tr, ch1, 3tr, in same ch-1sp, 3tr in each sp between your corners *3tr ch1, 3tr, in ch-1 corner sp, 3tr, in each sp between your corners* repeat from * to * around, ss to join into beg ch-3, fasten off. ©Copyright SewHappyCreative 2019

Harbour Granny Rectangle Blanket Pattern

I have always loved working with cotton and I chose Stylecraft classique cotton for my blanket this is a lovely soft dk knitting yarn with a fabulous drape and I had most of the shades in my stash but as with all good stash busting projects it is inevitable that purchasing more yarn will happened before the project is completed. Harbour is a lap blanket size and perfect to throw on a sofa or chair or take our and about for a picnic. The blanket is a traditional granny rectangle, a fun variation on a traditional granny square, and worked on a 4mm hook. It’s newly listed in our Etsy shop with 10% off in our Etsy shop and soon be available on Love Crochet and in our Ravelry shop . Yarn to make the blanket is available from we list all the quantities as shades in our pattern💙

Vegetarian summer pate

You can literally whip this up at a moments notice, it’s perfect food for sharing and lovely with a glass of something delicious. Top your favourite crisp bread or bread it’s delicious on toasted ciabatta. Vary it by adding what’s in your cupboard or fridge, if using fresh ingredients roast the peppers yourself in a little olive oil about 30mins in a hot oven add an aubergine too, you will need about 3 fresh peppers to one jar and 2 aubergines in place of the artichokes. We have courgettes in the garden and have roasted these with the peppers to vary the pâté’, mushrooms are also lovely and a jar of sun dried tomatoes also makes a tasty pâté’. Basically you can use what vegetables and store cupboard ingredients you have to hand.

1 jar grilled peppers,

1 jar artichokes

1 large tin of chick peas or Cannellini beans

75grams walnuts

Chopped fresh basil or about a tablespoon of pesto

Chopped fresh chives or any herbs you like

Freshly ground black pepper


There very little food preparing of this, you literally pop all the ingredients apart from the herbs in a food processor and “pulse” until you get the desired texture. You don’t want a purée so take care not to overdo this bit. I used my magi mix and pulsed for 30-40 secs . Add the herbs or any seasoning you choose at the end, coriander and cumin make a spicy pâté, add your favourite spices or herbs. Try replacing chick peas with Cannellini beans or use what you have in your store cupboard.

Pop it into a couple of tubs and enjoy, I like to make mine and chill for an hour before use, it will also freeze or keep in the fridge if you can resist eating it all. Enjoy 🥂 ☀️

Rose Garden Rectangular Granny Cushion Pattern

Another one of those stash busting projects that has the inevitable outcome of buying more yarn to complete the project and our latest pattern was no exception. Rose Garden started off as a table runner and after lots of comments on our social media the consensus was very much in favour of a cushion and here it is in our Etsy shop with 10% off and a lovely free bonus mandala pattern called apple blossom. We hope you love making it as much as I loved designing it for you, best wishes & happy crocheting Fiona xx

New Pattern Release Festival Granny Ripple Blanket

We have had a lovely sunny weekend and lots of crochet in the garden, including putting the finishing touches to,our latest pattern Festival. This was designed to use up the shades we had left from our popular granny square Fairground pattern. Festival is lots of glorious rows of ripple with or without a border it makes a striking blanket. The pattern includes a full photo tutorial for the ripple with the addition of the optional border and also the option of adding a crochet Pom pom edging with a full photo tutorial included for the border. The pattern is designed using Scheepjes stonewashed but any dk yarn will do. We hope you enjoy making the pattern as much as we loved creating it and there’s 10% off in our Etsy shop as an opening offer 💕🌸

New Pattern Bundles

Our pattern bundles are a recent addition to our Etsy shop and have been really popular so we have just added some new combinations including our granny square mittens with either a cowl or hat, we hope you enjoy them and if there are any other combinations you would like to see, please feel free to message us on Etsy, we love hearing your suggestions. Our bank holiday sale ends today Monday 6th May 2019 and our new bundle patterns are included in the sale.