Mandala and crochet coaster patterns 💖

Sharing a little love for Valentine’s Day with 25% off selected mandalas in our Etsy shop including our sweet flower spring in your step coaster pattern 💖💖💖.


Granny Square Crochet Cushion Pattern

Just listed in our Etsy shop is our granny square crochet cushion pattern, it has a full photo tutorial throughout and also includes a join as you go tutorial and how to make your cover. Everyone loves the brightness of a traditional granny square and it makes a welcome addition to a cosy sofa or chair. I made my cushion to fit an old wooden chair, it was originally painted and lovingly restored to a beautiful varnish finish . I wanted to create something bright and my favourite colour is blue so I decided on a colour palette with a soft blue and a vibrant turquoise shade, popped with a little mustard to match the mellow wood of the chair. The colour palette has been popular so I decided to create this pattern so you too can make a cushion. Once you have made one you will want to make more for your home.

Snow Days Hat Pattern is now in our Etsy shop!

Our lovely hat pattern is now listed in our Etsy shop It’s designed to look great and keep out the winter chills, featuring a pretty “V” stitch stitch and cable style appearance. We have included two sizes for the hat, small and medium adult. With a size guide to help you on the back page. It’s a full photo tutorial pattern if you have used any of our other patterns you will be familiar with these, as we love photos! We used Scheepjes stonewashed XL for our photographs in our hat pattern, for those of you asking we purchased ours to make and photograph the hat pattern from there’s a fab range of colours to choose from our favourites are the yellow jasper with moonstone and corundum ruby and moonstone. A special thank you to Libby at Libby Craft for kindly testing our pattern, Libby designs her own patterns which are available in her Etsy Shop

Star Flower pattern

StarFlower makes the sweetest coaster, string them together with a crochet chain for some beautiful bunting or crochet them together in pairs for a Christmas decoration to make your tree dazzle.

Material: 4ply cotton (fingering weight)
Yarn Brand: We’ve used Scheepjes Catona
Crochet hook: 3mm
Wool Needle

Used Stitches:

UK English                             US English                                              
ch = chain                              chain
slst = slip stitch                     slip stich
dc = double crochet            single crochet
tr = treble                              double crochet
sp= space                               space
skst = skip stitch                     skip stitch

dcsp = double crochet spike stitch single crochet spike stitch

trsp = treble crochet spike stitch. double crochet spike stitch.

Pattern notes: for working a double or treble crochet spike stitch

Spike stitch = worked into the round below the round you are currently working on.

Foundation Round. Make a magic loop or chain 5, ss to join into a ring.

Round 1(RS) Into the magic loop or ring ch3 (counts as tr), 1tr, ch1, ( 2tr, ch 1 ) 5 times, ss to join into beg ch-3, fasten off. (6, 2tr groups, 6, ch-1 sp)

Round 2 Attach a new colour in any ch-1 sp of round 1, ch3 (counts as tr), 4tr in same ch-1 sp, * 5tr, in next ch-1 sp,* repeat from * to * around, ss to join into beg ch-3, fasten off. ( 6, 5tr groups, )

Round 3 Attach a new colour in the centre treble of any 5tr group, ch3 (counts as dc, ch2 ),* 1trsp, ch3 , 1trsp, in the sp between 5tr group and working out of the space of the 2tr’s of round 1, see photo on where to create your treble spike stitch, ch2, dc, in centre tr of 5tr group, ch2 ,* repeat from * to * around, ss to join into 1st ch of beg ch-3, fasten off.

Round 4 Attach a new colour in any ch-3 sp of round 3, ch3 (counts as tr), 3tr, ch2, 4tr, in same ch-3sp, * 4tr, ch2, 4tr, in next ch-3 * repeat from * to * around, ss to join into beg ch-3, fasten off.

Round 5 Attach a new colour into first treble of any tr group of round 4, ch1,(counts as dc), dc in next 3tr, 1dc, ch2, 1dc, into ch-2sp ( point of your star), dc in next 4tr, working out of the dc of round 3, create a dcsp in gap between the 4 treble groups, dc in next 4tr, 1dc, ch2, 1dc, into ch-2sp, dc in next 4tr, dcsp* repeat from * to * around, ss to join into beg ch-1, fasten off.

You are welcome to sell in small quantities any items made from this pattern, but we kindly ask that you credit us and link to our Etsy shop if selling online.You may not copy, share, reproduce, including video tutorial or sell the pattern itself or use any of our photos. ©Copyright SewHappyCreative 2018

Snowfall Crochet Hot Water Bottle Cover Pattern ❄️

Following on from our popular granny square crochet hot water bottle cover, our snow fall cover features a pretty “V” stitch stripe pattern. We used beautiful hand dyed merino wool mini skeins and a contrasting alpaca yarn creating a little luxury for your toes.The pattern is designs to fit a 2 litre hot water bottle is now listed in our Etsy shop!

Snowfall Hot Water Bottle Cover Pattern ❄️

Sledging Winter Cowl Pattern! New Pattern Release!

Our latest pattern is a beautiful crochet cowl, it features a gorgeous sedge stitch stripe and a “knitted” look crochet border. It’s a perfect project to snuggle up with and make in a couple of evenings and would make a beautiful Christmas gift. For our pattern photos we used Scheepjes stonewashed and the shades are listed in the pattern but any sport weight or dk yarn can be used.It looks fabulous worn over a sweater or T shirt, have fun experimenting with different yarns and don’t forget to tag us in on social media with your makes! We love to see them! Happy Crocheting💕🌸