Hope Rainbow Blanket Pattern

Hope Traditional Granny square blanket pattern :Rounds 1-10

Hope blanket pattern notes:The main part of the blanket is large granny square with traditional granny square stripes. To keep your square from twisting and corners neat, your square is flipped over after each round alternating from RS and WS rounds, start each new round with the change of colour in a different corner to the previous round, we like to start our next round in the corner to the left of the shade you fastened off in the previous round. This will keep your square neat when your ends are stitched in. ©Copyright SewHappyCreative 2020

Hope blanket colour sequence: using a 4mm hook and the colour sequence guide below, make one large granny square. Continue working in rounds

Following the colour sequence guide below part 1 is Rounds 1-20, working with your favourite method for making a granny square or use mine free on my blog page, https://sewhappycreativeuk.wordpress.com/2019/09/27/granny-square-love repeat rounds 4 from the granny square pattern remembering to flip your square after each round, continue working 3tr, in each sp and (3tr, ch1, 3tr,) in each corner sp, ss to join each round to beg ch-3. . ©Copyright SewHappyCreative 2020

All yarn I’ve used is Stylecraft Special Dk on a 4mm hook.

Round 1 Fuchsia Pink (1827) Round 2 Cream (1005)

Round 3 Fondant (1241) ~ Round 4 Raspberry (1823)

Round 5 Grape (1067) Round 6 Cream (1005)

Round 7 Parma Violet (1724) Round 8 Violet (1277)

Round 9 Duck Egg (1820) Round 10 Storm (1722)

Hope Traditional Granny square blanket pattern :Rounds 1-10

Round 11 Denim (1302) Round 12 Cream (1005)

Round 13 Spearmint (1842) Round 14 Sage (1725)

Round 15 Lincoln(1834) Round 16 Pistachio (1822)

Round 17 Lime (1712) Round18 Cream (1005)

Round 19 Mustard (1823) Round 20 Gold (1709)

Round 21 Camel (1420) Round 22 stone (1710)

Round 23 parchment( 1218) Round 24 mocha (1064)

Round 25 Cream (1005) Round 26 spice (1711)

Round 27 Tomato (1723) Round 28 Pomegranate (1083) I’ll be adding part 3 after Christmas

Round 29 Copper (1029) Round 30 Lipstick (1246) Round 31 Claret (1123) Round 32 cream (1005)

Border I have started my border using 2 rounds of half treble using shades fuchsia pink and Parma violet .

A pdf version will be available in my Etsy shop soon with a new border design . ©Copyright SewHappyCreative 2020 You may not copy, share, reproduce in any way including video tutorial or sell the pattern itself and we kindly ask that you credit us and that you link to our Etsy Shop http://www.etsy.com/uk/SewHappyCreative if selling online.* please contact us if you wish to sell your items made from this pattern.
Pattern must not be used for teaching a group.
©Copyright SewHappyCreative 2020

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