Granny Square goes Diagonal 💗

Diagonal Granny Square

There’s so many ways to do this pattern and believe me I’ve tried quite a few. It’s a fun design and very versatile, I’m including some basic instructions for making it into a square. Just like a traditional corner to corner blanket it can be shaped into a oblong by not decreasing evenly on both sides. When I first made my square I hadn’t yet decided on wether or not I’d add a border, so when I did decide to add the border I needed to change my design slightly to allow the corners to be added with ease . Here’s how I made my square and I will be adding a more detailed pattern to my Etsy shop soon. If you want to make it into a blanket, complete more rows and decrease in the same way as my motif.

Free patterns are written in my spare time and not nearly as detailed as patterns in my Etsy shop. I have included as many photos to help you and there’s pattern notes below. I hope you have fun making your granny squares diagonally. Happy crocheting 🧶

You are welcome to sell your finished creations made from my pattern, you may not copy, share, reproduce in any way including video tutorials or sell the pattern itself and we kindly ask that you link to our Etsy shop if selling online ©Copyright SewHappyCreative 2020 So let’s get started you will need to be familiar with the following stitches.

Row 1 Ch7, into the 5th chain from your hook 3tr, sk 1ch, 1tr, in last stitch, turn.

Row 1 ©Copyright SewHappyCreative 2020

Using the photo below to guide you, Row 2 Ch3 (counts as tr), 3tr in space before 3tr group , 4tr in space after 3tr group, turn. Row 3 ch3 (counts as tr), 3tr, in sp next to ch3, 3tr in next sp, 4tr in last sp. Row 4 7 ch3 (counts as tr), 3tr, in sp next to ch3, 3tr in next 2sp’s, 4tr in last sp. Continue working ch3( counts as tr) 3tr in sp next to ch3, 3tr in spaces between and 4tr in last sp, see photo . You can make your square as large or small as you like using this method. To make your square like mine continue to Row 8

Round 2 onwards ©Copyright SewHappyCreative 2020

To decrease your square Row 8 Ch3 (counts as tr) skip 4tr group from previous row and work 3tr in next sp and every sp, at the end of your row, work 1tr in the top of your ch3 from previous row, continue working Ch3, sk first 3tr group, 3tr in next and every sp, at the end of your row, work 1tr in the top of your ch3 from previous row, just as you did before. turn and repeat round 8 until you have completed to Row 13, at the end of this row, Ch2, turn and ss into your beg ch-3, this creates a small loop to make the corner when you add a border.See photo below. To add a border work (2htr, ch1, 2htr,) in each corner and 3 htr in the row ends between treble or beg ch3,

Row 13 ch-2, ss into beg ch-3. ©Copyright SewHappyCreative 2020

To work a multi coloured square, change colour on every row by completing your final part of your stitch from the previous row with your new shade, use a reef knot at the end of each row and sew in your ends after you complete the border, this way, you can crochet over the top of your yarn ends and weave them neatly into the border edge. Have fun and enjoy getting creative 💗🌈🧶. ©Copyright SewHappyCreative 2020

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