Granny Rainbow 🌈

During the Coronavirus pandemic rainbows have become a symbol of hope and thanks to key workers. There have been some truly wonderful rainbows drawn by children and displayed in windows and on doors during lockdown, they have cheered people up as they pass by and helped keep us all positive. I hope my granny rainbow will make you and others smile as you make it and share in your windows afterwards.

Here’s how I made mine. It’s based on a traditional granny in the round mandala and then folded in half afterwards, I used a round of dc to join my circle, and added a little loop on my last round to hang it up by. It’s a really simple little pattern and easily adjusted by the number of rounds you work to get the size you like. Try working in 4ply for a smaller version or adding a picot edge on the final round. We recommend reading all pattern notes before starting the pattern.

Pattern notes : I flipped my circle after each round and worked my rounds RS & WS. Ch 3 at the beginning of every round counts as treble throughout the pattern. Ch 1 is worked between 3tr groups unless otherwise stated. Change your shades on every two rounds or every round. I used Stylecraft dk classique cotton in shades Fondant, Ivory, Peppermint, Soft Lime, Saffron, Shrimp, Wisteria and Pomegranate. Any Dk yarn will do, raid your sash and let’s get started. ©Copyright SewHappyCreative 2020 My pattern is written in Uk English crochet terms with US terms in brackets in the key.

You will need:
4mm hook
Used Stitches:
UK English. US abbreviations below in brackets.
ch = chain
ss = slip stitch
tr = treble (US double crochet
sp = space space
sk. = skip
beg = beginning. beginning
dc = sc RS = Right side WS = Wrong side

Foundation Round: using a 4mm hook, ch24 , ss to join into a ring (RS)

Round 1 Working into the chains, ch3 (counts as tr), 2tr, in base of 3ch, ch2, sk 2ch, *3tr in next ch, 2ch, sk 2ch,* repeat from *to * around, ss to join to beg ch- 3, fasten off. (8tr clusters, 8x ch-2). (RS) turn your work over to work your next round in the opposite direction, see pattern notes.

Round 2 Ch3 (counts as tr), 3tr, in same ch-2sp, ch1, *4tr, in the next ch-2sp, ch1, *) repeat from * to * around ss to join into beg ch-3sp. Flip your rainbow over.(WS) ( 8 x 4 tr groups)

Round 3 Working out of every ch-1 sp and between 4 treble groups, Ch3 (counts as tr), 2tr, in same ch-1sp, ch1, 3tr, between 4tr group, ch1, *3tr in next sp, ch1, 3tr between 4tr group, ch1,)* repeat from * to * around ss to join into beg ch-3sp. Flip your rainbow over.(RS)

Round 4 Ch3 (counts as tr), 2tr, in same ch-1sp, *3tr, in the next ch-1sp, ch1, *repeat from * to * around ss to join into beg ch-3sp. Flip your rainbow over.(WS)

Round 5 Ch3 (counts as tr), 3tr, in same sp , *4tr, in the next sp,* repeat from * to * around ss to join into beg ch-3sp. Flip your rainbow over.(RS) ( 16 x 4 tr groups)

Round 6, 7, 8, 9 Repeat Round 4, changing shades as desired and joining where you finished your last round, remembering to flip your rainbow over for each round. All the treble groups have ch1 between them, if you find your circle is curling add an extra ch between your groups as your circle should be flat, you will fold in half later and join it together with a round of dc.

Round 10 & 11 As Round 4 but with ch2 between each treble group.

Round 12 As Round 5. After Round 12 make sure all your yarn ends are sewn in before completing your Rainbow 🌈

Round 13 To complete your rainbow fold it in half making sure all your treble groups match, I tacked 4 of my rounds together to make it stay in place while I completed my joining round. Dc both sides together matching your 4 treble groups, turn, work a second row of dc to complete your rainbow if you want to hang it up, add a loop on this round at the centre of your rainbow by chaining 6, dc into the chain and ss over it. This way you won’t have to break of your yarn, ss either side of your loop before completing the row. Fasten off, weave & stitch in yarn ends.

For more lovely patterns including our Rainbow 🌈 granny ripple, pop over to our Etsy shop
©Copyright SewHappyCreative 2020

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