Granny Square Notions Pouch

Everybody loves a traditional granny square and without doubt they are one of very my favourites makes. They never cease to amaze and please and with different colour combinations the possibilities are endless. This little pattern was inspired by a cushion I made a while back and is really just a miniature version, by leaving the top part unstitched it creates a handy little purse or pouch to keep your hooks and bits& bobs tidy. I’ve also got one with make up in and it’s fab because it’s completely washable. I hope you enjoying making one or two 🙈 happy crocheting 🧶 🌸💕

Granny square notions pouch is perfect to stash your hooks in 💕 my lovely collection of hooks and scissor keeper are from Pedro’s Plaque’s & Pretty Things

To make your notions pouch : You will need any aran cotton yarn or similar, a 4.5mm hook, piece of fabric the same size as your completed granny square, needle for sewing in ends and a button to fasten your pouch. You can also use dk cotton you would just need to complete more rounds to make it a useful size 🌸💕

Step 1- Make 1 large granny square with as many rounds as you like, I made my granny square using aran cotton from my stash with 10 rounds on a 4.5mm hook, it measured approx 24cm square. The larger your granny square the larger your notions pouch will be. Use your favourite method to make your granny square or follow our tutorial on our blog page

Step 2 – Work a round of dc in the same shade as your final round. Fasten off and weave in a all your ends.

Step 3- To line your pouch, cut a piece of fabric the same size as your square approx 24cm, and turn the edge of your fabric under approx 1cm all the way round, press, place your lining on the back of your square exactly as my photo, leaving an edge all the way round. You lining needs to be slighter smaller than your square. Slip stitch your lining in place or machine round, I machine stitched mine as I was getting impatient and wanted to use it for my hooks.

Step 4 – To assemble your pouch, fold your square like an envelope, leaving the top 2 diagonals open and join the bottom 2 diagonals along the yellow arrows. Either whip stitch or crochet the bottom 2 diagonals together using a ss. I crocheted my edged together using a slip stitch with my right sides together so my seams were on the inside of my pouch. I worked through one loop from each side to join as my photos below. Turn to the right side, stitch your button in place and fasten off Ta Dah! once you have made one of these you will have them flying of your hook and they are also a great way to use up your yarn stash or any granny squares you may have.😉🙈.

Join your seams using a whip stitch or slip stitch together through one loop only.
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Just a note about how to use my tutorial.You are welcome to sell your finished creations made from my pattern, you may not copy, share, reproduce in any way including video tutorials or sell the pattern itself and we kindly ask that you link to our Etsy shop if selling online ©Copyright SewHappyCreative 2020

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