Star Flower pattern

StarFlower makes the sweetest coaster, string them together with a crochet chain for some beautiful bunting or crochet them together in pairs for a Christmas decoration to make your tree dazzle.

Material: 4ply cotton (fingering weight)
Yarn Brand: We’ve used Scheepjes Catona
Crochet hook: 3mm
Wool Needle

Used Stitches:

UK English                             US English                                              
ch = chain                              chain
slst = slip stitch                     slip stich
dc = double crochet            single crochet
tr = treble                              double crochet
sp= space                               space
skst = skip stitch                     skip stitch

dcsp = double crochet spike stitch single crochet spike stitch

trsp = treble crochet spike stitch. double crochet spike stitch.

Pattern notes: for working a double or treble crochet spike stitch

Spike stitch = worked into the round below the round you are currently working on.

Foundation Round. Make a magic loop or chain 5, ss to join into a ring.

Round 1(RS) Into the magic loop or ring ch3 (counts as tr), 1tr, ch1, ( 2tr, ch 1 ) 5 times, ss to join into beg ch-3, fasten off. (6, 2tr groups, 6, ch-1 sp)

Round 2 Attach a new colour in any ch-1 sp of round 1, ch3 (counts as tr), 4tr in same ch-1 sp, * 5tr, in next ch-1 sp,* repeat from * to * around, ss to join into beg ch-3, fasten off. ( 6, 5tr groups, )

Round 3 Attach a new colour in the centre treble of any 5tr group, ch3 (counts as dc, ch2 ),* 1trsp, ch3 , 1trsp, in the sp between 5tr group and working out of the space of the 2tr’s of round 1, see photo on where to create your treble spike stitch, ch2, dc, in centre tr of 5tr group, ch2 ,* repeat from * to * around, ss to join into 1st ch of beg ch-3, fasten off.

Round 4 Attach a new colour in any ch-3 sp of round 3, ch3 (counts as tr), 3tr, ch2, 4tr, in same ch-3sp, * 4tr, ch2, 4tr, in next ch-3 * repeat from * to * around, ss to join into beg ch-3, fasten off.

Round 5 Attach a new colour into first treble of any tr group of round 4, ch1,(counts as dc), dc in next 3tr, 1dc, ch2, 1dc, into ch-2sp ( point of your star), dc in next 4tr, working out of the dc of round 3, create a dcsp in gap between the 4 treble groups, dc in next 4tr, 1dc, ch2, 1dc, into ch-2sp, dc in next 4tr, dcsp* repeat from * to * around, ss to join into beg ch-1, fasten off.

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